02 03 2018

There is a review of our latest album ‘Transmyopic Interconnection’ on Peter Atkinson from the U.S. thoroughly analyzed our stuff. The link is in the ‘press’ section. Enjoy it!

20 10 2017

Our brand new record you can also get on Selfmadegod Records’ site.
Here’s the link:

15 09 2017

From today our new record ‘Transmyopic Interconnection’ is AVAILABLE!

In Discography you may listen to one new song from the album and read all new texts.

In Gallery you can see the paintings by Aneta Barglik which form the artwork of the record.

Enjoy it!

31 08 2017

Enough news about our new record. It is the time for it to come out! It’s gonna be AVAILABLE for you from 15 SEPTEMBER!

29 08 2017

The artwork for the new record will be taken from paintings by Aneta Barglik. You can check and guess, which pictures we chose for the album.

23 08 2017

“Transmyopic Interconnection”, just like previous albums, will have 8 songs framed between “Introh” and “Outroh”. The songs are: Myopia the Creature, Biocontinuum Dimension, Solar Flare, Geomagnetic Storm, Astroannihilation, Postapokalyptic, Myopia the God, Underredeveloped. Some titles may suggest what the story, partly inspired by the articles from the NASA websites, is going to be about this time.

02 07 2017

We’ve got it! We’re just holding our brand new record in our hands! Still hot! Because of summer holiday you’ve got to be patient as we’re planning to release it in September. It’s another concept album and the title is “Transmyopic Interconnection”. More details in August.

24 06 2017

We’re slowly coming back with the new album recorded at Heaven’s Sound Studio in 2016. It’s already mixed and mastered, just working on some details. More info soon. On our new website you can find some new things. For example in the gallery you can watch photos from our last 2016 session and in the discography you may eventually listen to the whole previous album “Simultaneous Simulations”.

06 06 2017

Enjoy our new website.